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Fullfärgad RGB-ficklampa ficklampa bärbar LED-fotograferingslampa multifunktionell handfyllningslampa handhållen belysning

4.9 382 recensioner GW51.0061
924 Kr 1 333 Kr Inklusive moms
&fri frakt till Sweden
  • Tillverkare: K&F Concept
  • Köp K&F Concept fullfärgad rgb-ficklampa ficklampa bärbar led-fotograferingslampa multifunktionell handfyllningslampa handhållen belysning online, Gratis frakt världen över och 30 dagar returgaranti.
  • GW51.0061
  • Artikelnummer: GW51.0061
  • 924
Kup 500Kr Save 50Kr
  • • [Nyans, mättnad, ljusstyrka, färgtemperaturjusterbar] Nyansen kan justeras inom intervallet 0 grader -359 grader; färgmättnad kan justeras mellan 0% -100%; ljusstyrkan kan justeras från 0% -100%; färgtemperatur Dimbar från 2500K (varm färg) till 8500K (cool färg), den inbyggda LCD-skärmen kan ge exakta avläsningar, så att du kan arbeta mer effektivt
  • • [Produktfunktioner] CRI≥97, TLCI≥97, inbyggt 7,4 V 3200 mAh uppladdningsbart batteri, USB Type-C laddningsport, kan laddas helt inom 2,5 timmar och ger 150 minuters arbetstid under 100% ljusstyrka, arbetstid När ljusstyrkan är under 100% bör den överstiga 150 minuter.
  • • 1/4 skruvportdesign: kan anslutas till kamera, stativ, ljusstativ, panorering / lutning etc.
  • • 12 olika RGB-färgförändrade ljuseffekter, 36 000 färgbyten

Recensioner (382)
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Lightweight yet Durable build, Bright light, Solid product!
To start off, I've been using lighting equipment and video cameras for about 10 years now! Im surprised how far technology has come to where this little unit can hold its own to some of my older, bigger studio lights!Right out the box, you may need to charge your unit as I did with mine (it had no juice which isn't a problem) and I charged it via USB C which took about an hour and a half to fully charge. There is a cable included in the packaging but I have plenty of these type C laying around so I used my own.The reason this product was so attractive to me is I was looking for a portable RGB light at the right price. I technically have RGB smart bulbs in the studio but they must be connected to wifi and you have to use a specific app, its a bit much! This light provides that function internally, NO APP NEEDED (thank you very much) and is compact enough that you can take it everywhere and place it anywhere thanks to the built in battery! (For size reference, if you look at the photos I provided, I am holding the unit in my hand and I would say I have an average hand size when compared to most)This light has a range of brightness settings and functions that are easy to maneuver with using the dials on the right side of it and you know exactly what settings your changing with the built it LCD screen.Anywho, I feel this light can be a part of anyone's loadout whether your strictly a photographer or you primarily do video work, or even a combination of the two. I am extremely happy with this unit and maybe be picking up another one in the near future!P.S. I swear I wasn't paid to talk good about this product, I just get excited when I get new gear and this little yet powerful unit performed above and beyond!!
Lightweight yet Durable build, Bright light, Solid product! Lightweight yet Durable build, Bright light, Solid product!
Best and most versatile light out.
Overall this is a great product. I will be using it to film my church pastor give weekly talks to the parish community. The lighting in the church does not do well enough for filming but this light works great. The level of hue adjustments really makes for excellent video recording. The sturdy housing assures me of its durability. I would have given it 5 stars all around if it weren’t for one thing; when charging, my battery level never shows fully charged when plugged in. I don’t know if that is intentional but I never know if I need to keep plugged when charging because the indicator never shows complete.Except for that one thing I highly recommend this light. It is very easy to use and has many adjustable colors and brightness levels.
Best and most versatile light out. Best and most versatile light out.
The BEST mini RGB video light!
Solid casing, super bright and versatile! Solid buy!
The BEST mini RGB video light! The BEST mini RGB video light!
The best light I’ve ever owned.
Wow! I honestly wasn’t expecting too much with this little light, but man... now I’m showing it to all my friends!If there was one word to sum up the pixel g1 it would be convenient. It is literally one of the best lights I’ve ever owned.Out of the box, this thing is hefty. It’s well built with a metal casing. It’s not too heavy, but definitely has a bit of weight to it. It definitely doesn’t feel like junk. It’s a little larger than my iPhone X, and comes woth a carrying pouch. It also comes with its own usb c charging cord.So, why did this thing wow me? Well for 70 bucks it does a lot! It has a built in dimmer switch, you can change the color temperature. But you can also change the colors and which is super convenient! No more buying gels for me. There are tons of different colors... so if you are shooting a film and need to accent an exit sign in the scene... you can change the color of the light to red and it’s so small you can hide the light from being seen. The light is also very bright. It’ll definitely light up a dark room! The LED’s are what help accomplish that. And because they are LED the light doesn’t get hot... which is good.But the one thing that really caught my eye... are the light Fx. One in specific... they have an effect that simulates the look of fire. Doing a scene where you need an actor looking at a roaring fire place in a cabin... or a shot of a homeless man huddled around a burning trash can ( too 80’s?) well this light is perfect. It flickers adding this cool fire effect. I use to accomplish this effect by having some one dim the light while simultaneously moving orange and yellow gels back and forth in front of the light. Not any more.The light also comes with a mount. That can unfold and unveil an extra shoe mount, being that this one will take up your camera’s mount, they give you one back... again... I know you are tired of hearing me say this but super CONVENIENT .The Led on the back is actually pretty nice, and navigating the buttons may take some time to explore and get use to... but after you know what everything is and what you can do with this you’ll get the hang of it.I’m at a film festival this weekend and I’ve been showing every film maker this light, and all of them are amazed! Atleast 3 of them bought it In front of me! It’s definitely one of amazons best kept secrets right now. For the price, it’s portable, bright and the battery lasts a long time. Definitely add this to your kit. Heck I might buy one more... maybe two more! Definitely perfect for news photogs, indie film makers, and event photographers!
The best light I’ve ever owned. The best light I’ve ever owned.
Great lightweight but powerful light.
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Hallo, het licht bevat alleen de kabel. Geen oplader. 
Hej, lampan inkluderar bara kabeln. Ingen laddare. 
Oplaadbare batterij geïnstalleerd, alleen een USB-verbinding nodig om de kabel in te pluggen: 7,4 V 
Uppladdningsbart batteri installerat, behöver bara usb-anslutning för att ansluta kabeln till: 7,4V